Thursday, October 30, 2008


Our sweet Macy on her last birthday. March 15, 2008
Goodbye Beautiful Baby Girl

Kevin and I picked up Macy's ashes this evening. I fought back the tears on the whole drive there and once the receptionist showed me the little red tin, I couldn't fight them anymore. She lovingly showed me the paw impression and the certificate of cremation. This whole post may gross some of you out. Please know that is not my intention. I am just explaining what happened. The staff members shared hugs and condolences, which meant a lot. They are such a caring group of people with a passion for helping precious animals. Dr. Lahmon (by the way, I had misspelled her name in all the previous posts) had just left so I wasn't able to thank her personally. I did get to talk to Dr. Lynn who had treated Macy twice before she was admitted. I asked her what the medical term was for Macy's condition and if she had ever had a case like this before. She said it was called microplasia (stunted growth). She figures it was a congential birth defect and had never seen anything like it before. I told her if Macy's case helps another dog, this was all worth it. Once we came home, I put Macy's collar around the red tin. I knew this last step would be painful, but amazingly God helps dry the tears after I break down and whispers to me that it will all be ok. I asked Kevin now that this last step was done was he still happy with our decision to cremate her little body. We both agreed...yes. I have a peace about her passing and I know that peace is yet another gift from God, as was her short six year life. She certainly filled our hearts to the brim and so will her precious memories.

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