Monday, November 3, 2008

Cowgirls, Christmas Cards & Centipedes!!

There were only 7 of us that dressed up for Halloween at work. Rhonda had gotten the front office and med records girls these crazy cowgirl headbands at Joann Fabrics. Vickie went all out with her western wear and Kathy dressed up as Pocahontas. We have a good time!! LOL!
F: Kathy, Rhonda, Katie (I work with her in med records.), Sandi
B: Vickie, Chris, me
Yee Haw!
My buddy and co-worker was a sport and tried on my headband. He's nutty!

On Sunday afternoon, I designed my very simple Christmas cards. They are 4 1/4 x 4 1/4. I already have the trees stamped and punched out and the patterned pieces cut out. I was kidding Kevin that I might have them sent out by November 15th. Not! I was trying to use what I have, but now I realize I have to order more Kraft cardstock and some Very Vanilla envelopes. At least I stuck very close to my "no spending" card budget. It's better than my original plan of placing a larger order for paper, stamps, etc. *pats self on back* LOL!
And now...for the finale. House centipedes love to come inside. Tonight I innocently walked into the hallway to put away the clean towels. This is what I saw!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't have centipedes in your house, please stop what you are doing and thank God above. If you have centipedes, you are well aware of my reaction. I scream, shiver, jump and run. LOL! Come on....I dare you to click this picture for a closer look. He is truly a devil bug! They are all devil bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am more afraid of these than spiders. I am more afraid of snakes than centipedes, but don't want to run into any of the three. Ewwwwww!!!! *shivers* I made Kevin run downstairs to grab the vacuum. I was so grossed out I made him suck it up in the hose attachment. He missed, the centipede hit the carpet and started running fast towards our feet. I screamed and jumped again. Kevin got the sucker devil bug and I shivered again. Then, Kevin said "Ew, there he is!" and I screamed louder. Then, when I was putting the hose back into the vacuum he said it again....and I screamed again. I should have sucker-punched him. The funny thing...he's just as wigged out as I am with these centipedes.
Well, that's about it for this week. I don't have anything planned except paying the electric bill and misc. around the house. I may work on my Christmas cards so not sure if I'll have anything super crafty to share. If anything exciting happens here, I'll post it. Thanks for stopping by...

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