Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meeting Tucker

Oh my! I'm in love! Tucker is such a sweetheart and a cuddly little boy. He stayed at my parents house on Monday while Julie and Josh attended a funeral and visited other family members. He stole everyone's heart...even my dad's! LOL! I could have eaten him up he's so cute. His pictures just don't do his little personality justice. I saw him at lunch, then after work. I'm in love! :)
He's just a little tike, sitting there looking all cute!
This is the toy I brought him. He liked it right away and just played and played.
He used some regular cereal bowls for his food and water while he visited. The bowl was about as big as him! LOL!
You know a designer dog HAS to have a designer Coach collar. He's stylin'! :) It's an extra small and in the tightest notch. He'll grow into it. LOL!
Oh, yes...he is feisty! He got a hold of my camera strap and didn't want to let go. Later in the afternoon, he also had my thumb! Ouch! He is such a good boy and loves his toys and to be cuddled and loved. With a face like that, who can resist!?!
This is the card I made Julie and Josh to welcome their adorable little puppy boy! The base cardstock is Soft Sky (retired SU!). I also used watercolor paper, some Basic Grey patterned paper and more of that dark chocolate from Archivers (looks black here). The sentiment is from the Warm Words set and is stamped in Soft Sky ink. I really like the Baby Blue Stickles and I added that to the edges of the star and the brads.
Here's a closeer look at the distressed watercolor paper edges, the glittered star edges, the paper piercing and the word "adorable" stamped in the lower right corner.
DRUMROLL.....guess what?! Tucker's breeder lives right here in Ashland! We are so in love with him that we are going to look at his sister and two brothers tonight at 8pm. We just might have to adopt one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my....I have a nervous stomach. I think it's puppy jitters. LOL! More info tomorrow and if we do decide to adopt one...more pics! We still haven't heard back from the rescue about Jax. We really want two dogs. Ok, Lord....I'm trying to be patient. In Your time....I know, I know. :)


Lisadwb said...

Awwww, how cute. Is he a Yorkie? He looks just like my mom's tiny little Will. Will has been by her side through all her recent sickness, he actually could tell when she was going to be sick.
Full grown he is about 5 pounds. She has to tell him where she is going whenever she leaves or he cries. LOL Too cute.
Oh and her husband "pretends" to not like Will (he has always had hounds) but when he had a Diabetic episode and the squad was called- the only "person" he knew was Will. LOL

Karen Worrell said...

Oh Natalie, he's so cute! I can't wait to hear if you're getting a pup also. Or pups? :)