Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Card & A Vet Visit

While Mr. You-Know-Who-Cutie-Face plays toys for a mere 8.4 seconds or less...I'll post another card. We are certainly enjoying the pitter patter of his soft paws, the endless puppy kisses and the joy he brings. He and I are recovering from a night with little sleep. I'm going to play with him like crazy and hope he snoozes more...LOL! He's been quite feisty these past few days. He really loves the cuff of my pants in an insane way! Man!! I asked my dad if he and Riley had a keg of Mountain Dew on Friday. sure seemed like it. LOL! Dad lets him out in between the times I am at home and work. His Papa sure loves him!
For this card I used Basic Black cardstock, Whisper White cardstock (used Cuttlebug folder for the raised dots), and a flower cut on the Cricut using scrap patterned paper. I added a bling stone and the sentiment with rub-on letters. You can see the inside of the card below. I cut out a smaller flower on the Cricut and added some more bling stones and happy birthday wishes.

Here's Riley with Dr. Lisa Lynn at his first vet visit today. He weighed 3.7 pounds and had a great check-up. Just a few more booster puppy shots, then he gets neutered at 6 months of age. Everybody fell in love with him at the vet's office. How can you not?! He's so sweet. She was so patient and answered my many "new puppy mom" questions. We LOVE our vet office.

He was so tired after all the excitement that he was snoozing in his blankie on the way home. It looked like I had a giant brown caterpillar in my seat! LOL!
Riley says, "Thanks mommy for keeping me healthy and loving me. OH...and I love my new blankie."
I have to laugh as I tell you that in the midst of typing this one post, about 30 minutes has passed. He played toys for maybe 12 seconds, ate his supper, went out, chased my pant cuffs and then got put in his bed for a little rest and wind-down time. I am in the same room he is. He whimpered some, then soothed himself by laying on his snuggly blankie. He's a sweetheart. I'll have to try the "quiet time in bed" thing again so I can get my posts done regularly. I still have several things to show and will post them in between my puppy duties....which, by the way, I am enjoying with all my heart. :)

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Lisadwb said...

Such a Cutie!!! I hope you all adjust quickly. I bet he is missing his littermates. Did you give him one of your shirts to sleep with?