Friday, November 28, 2008

Brothers Reunited

It is so special to have two brothers from the litter in our family. Riley (left) and Tucker (right) got to see each other today. They wagged their tails immediately, then started rough-housing. It was sweet.
Tucker came over to our house for a while so Josh and Julie could go visit my great aunt Irene in the hospital. They got a bit too feisty so I separated them. Fat chance that a baby gate would keep them from trying to bite and wrestle. They both started chewing the wood on the gate once they realized they couldn't get to each other. Geesh! Silly pups!
Here they are at mom and dad's. This was one of the few moments when they weren't moving 80mph playing. I think they were having a face off before the next round of play. LOL!
Ok, kiss and make up! Tucker is so funny as he will just sit with his little tongue sticking out like that. You can see on Riley's chin all the doggy slobber from playing hard. Too cute!
We had a nice Thanksgiving. Not everyone could be there, but it was still nice. I had leftovers today for lunch and they were just as good as yesterday! Hope each of you had a blessed day and that the upcoming holiday season will be wonderful as well!
My original goal of getting my Christmas cards sent today has crumbled. They will go out very soon. I do little steps here and there while Riley sleeps. It's amazing how a pup can take time away from the ordinary daily things, too. He is so very worth it! We go tomorrow to get his booster shot at the vet. I'm am lovin' this long holiday weekend off work.
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