Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Furbaby or Furbabies

Tomorrow will be two weeks since Macy died and it feels like an eternity in this quiet house. I used to think that if anything happened to my first dog, that I could never love another one. Well, I have discovered the very opposite actually and it surprises me in ways. I miss the love and companionship of an animal in so many ways and we have already started looking for our next furbaby....or furbabies. Here's the story...

My sister's boyfriend knows a girl with a 3-month-old Dachshund named Daisy. She is the daughter of Tony's best friend and between college classes and work, Daisy is too much for her to handle. She is willing to let us adopt her, but Kevin said he also wants an Eskie. Yep, another Eskie is my first choice, too so I think it would be great to have two dogs (females). Daisy stole my sister's heart when she met her a few weeks ago. We go down to meet her Saturday and possibly bring her to her new home. Yikes! I know I'll fall in love, too. *giggle*

To add an Eskie to this equation, we have applied to adopt Ahnah from an American Eskimo rescue in Grove City, OH. There is one more applicant, but if they don't adopt her...well, we want to meet her. You have to see her. She is so beautiful. You can see pics and read her story HERE. You're going to fall in love with her....just like we have. Although we may not get her, she will still have a happy new home. You know what Ahnah means? Answer. I have wondered if she will be the answer to a prayer for a new furbaby as sweet as our Macy. Hmm...

Basically, we just give it all to God. He will let us know when and who our next furbaby or furbabies will be. :) I wonder if it was an "angel" that left the anonymous message (now removed) on a post about Macy which led me to the rescue info on the breed. *wink* Hmm...

OH....gotta tell ya. I am cranking out my Christmas cards. I think I have a disease. I keep kidding that I'll send them the day after Thanksgiving. LOL!

And lastly:
1) My great aunt Irene is in the hospital with heavy rectal bleeding. They say it is a diverticulus bleed, but she is so compliant and doesn't eat no-no foods that might cause that. I hope they find out what is really wrong. Please keep her in your prayers. She is 92!
2) Praise report. Jerry, the son-in-law of my co-worker got his PET scan results back today and he is free of cancer! He got his feeding tube removed today and the area where his trach was repaired. He is to return to work in January. He has had a tremendously rough bout with this and I am so happy for their entire family.
3) Praise report. Kristie has metastatic breast cancer and has had two brain surgeries for lesions. At her last visit, the doctor told her he didn't need to see her for 3 months and that everything looks great right now. Wow!

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