Monday, February 21, 2011

This 'n That

Riley got a bath Sunday. So fluffy and cute!
Handsome Jack posing in the "usual picture spot".
We got a little bit of snow Sunday, but today it POURED about 8 inches of the mess! Ice, then snow. Blech!!! I am so S.O.S. (sick of snow)!
We had a belated birthday celebration with family on Sunday, too. Another Hawkins cake. Ah, a girl can never have too much cake. :)
This was my gift from mom and first Vera Bradley purse. I never would have guessed they'd get me this, but it was a very happy surprise. I love the little pockets on each for cell phone, one for keys. It's reversible, too! Neat!

Adam's Wedding

My cousin Adam got married Saturday. This is the card I made for them and a picture of us at the wedding.
Their colors were brown and pink. I found this yummy glittered paper at Archivers.

More Valentines

This is the Valentine I made for Kevin. It's a pocket-style card with little sentiment strips. I wrote something different on each one.
We received this lovely Valentine from Connie. I love the vintage feel of it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines 2011

I only made 20 Valentines this year. I used the Cuttlebug for the background texture, markers to color the sentiment, heart punches, glitter paper and some fun lace ribbon.
The good thing about the mat stack glitter paper is that it doesn't "shed" sparkles all over me. You know deep down I am a "glitterphobe". *chuckle*
I made some 3x3 notecard Valentines for my co-workers. I got the pre-cut felt hearts at Joann's.
I will say...I will NEVER buy the DCWV textured paper there again. The red paper here is made by them. Awful. The first problem is the sticker on the back of the paper. Don't try to remove it. It doesn't come off! Use Un-do and stink up your whole basement and about suffocate. Yeah, seriously. Forget it. I did that on a few, but the dumb sticker still left residue. Ewww. Don't like how it cuts either. Frays on the edges and the white core fuzzies are a nightmare. Just my opinion. Cheap price doesn't always mean good choice. Lesson learned.
Joann can keep their dumb DCWV textured paper. Sale or no sale. Blechhhhh!
Anywho. Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy 39th to me!

I haven't felt the best all week, but thought I better smile for the camera on my actual birthday. I turned 39 Friday and am thankful for the great life God has given me!
Sportin' my jammies and make-up half worn off. Oh's a little Hawkins cake from my parents. :) Hawkins white cake is my favorite!
LICK!!!!!!!! Yummy! I am goofy. Love the quote the hospital maintenance man shared with me this week: Growing old is required. Growing up is optional. (I refuse to lose my "kid at heart" nature, thus pictures like this! LOL)
My co-worker made this card and everyone signed it. Cute little S'mores man. :)
I got this handmade cutie from Connie.
And, this adorable one is from Joan.
I have spent the entire weekend in jammies and resting. I am finally getting my voice back a bit and haven't quite plowed through a WHOLE box of Puffs Plus, but close! Sometimes celebrating in a low-key fashion isn't all bad. I just hope when I turn 40 my body isn't retaliating and I can WHOOP it up in style. :)