Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Twelve Paws

Tucker (Riley's real brother) came over to play on Saturday for SIX hours. That meant twelve paws running, six eyes staring, and three tongues drooling. So fun!
Tucker on the left, Riley on the right
Jack having a nap after doing Puppy Nascar outside. hee hee
Riley deflated his ball when he bit it. He was quite happy though, because he could finally carry it around in his mouth. It went "bye bye" when he wasn't looking though. Sorry, kid.
Oh my...they even got to lick my popsicle stick. Tucker was in 7th Heaven since he usually doesn't get people food. Shhh...don't tell.
Tucker is always welcome here. He just makes himself at home (aka sometimes is the bully). He's just too cute! I am grateful all three of them play together nicely. I love having all three here, but's harder to keep track of them sometimes. Once he left, my boys passed out! LOL

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Politics Schmolitics

I am not into politics, but I do believe it is important to exercise my right to vote. So, hubby and I go to the polls together. I secretly love the little sticker you get after voting. This picture is my message to all the "bozos" who bashed each other via mailings, phone calls (ahem, too many phone calls!!!), and commercials. So much mud-slinging and so much yackity yack talk. Just be honest, people. What will you do or not do for this city, state or country? Enough bashing. So, thumbs up to the right to vote. Thumbs up that all the ones I voted for also got elected. I love being a Republican! I make no apologies for my conservative views! *wink*

Halloween Pooches

Crack me up! These silly pooches finally let me keep their costumes on just long enough for some scrapbook moments. I can't wait to use my "little monsters" paper that I bought LAST year. These were supposed to be last year's costumes, but they were not cooperative then.
They were busy watching all the trick or treaters going by and a few firm words like "stay" kept them in position for this shot. hee hee Gotta love my little "one-eyed blue monsters". I have no idea if this blue monster is from a kids' movie or what...
"Hi, my name is Jack-a-ma-dack and I do not like costumes. My smile is a thin disguise for the curse words I am saying loudly in my doggy inside voice." LOL Oh my cute is this dog!? Adorable, I say. These poor costumes were too big, but oh well. So worth the laughs.
"Ok, Momma. I'm done. I have kids to bark at through the big window." *sigh* Is he not the cutest stinkin' little peanut?! Gotta love his t-shirt being on, too. It was chilly so he had to dress warm.
Jack was getting some help from his rascal brother, Riley. I think they were both glad when the "annoying costume" photo shoot was over. *chuckle* Gotta love these pooches! :)