Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Twelve Paws

Tucker (Riley's real brother) came over to play on Saturday for SIX hours. That meant twelve paws running, six eyes staring, and three tongues drooling. So fun!
Tucker on the left, Riley on the right
Jack having a nap after doing Puppy Nascar outside. hee hee
Riley deflated his ball when he bit it. He was quite happy though, because he could finally carry it around in his mouth. It went "bye bye" when he wasn't looking though. Sorry, kid.
Oh my...they even got to lick my popsicle stick. Tucker was in 7th Heaven since he usually doesn't get people food. Shhh...don't tell.
Tucker is always welcome here. He just makes himself at home (aka sometimes is the bully). He's just too cute! I am grateful all three of them play together nicely. I love having all three here, but's harder to keep track of them sometimes. Once he left, my boys passed out! LOL

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