Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ashland County Fair 2010

I had taken so many pictures in KY and TN that I had to actually delete a few to take these pics at the fair on Wednesday night.
We didn't watch the tiger show, but walked past and saw them when people were using the long red sticks to feed them raw meat. My, what BIG paws they have!
Love this picture, but won't ride the ferris wheel. It's a bit too high for me!
Love the goats! These two little rascals look ornery. Well, all the goats look ornery. Perhaps that's why I love them so much. I talk to the animals. Yes, I do! I love animals!
Somebody was REALLY into his food that night. His head wasn't stuck. If he dropped it, he'd pick it back up again with his head and try to lick in the bottom of the bucket. Hilarious! Yes, another ornery goat!
I love the sheep, too! All I can think about when I see them is how gentle their little faces are. And, how I was once a lost sheep, but by the grace of God I am no longer! I actually got teary-eyed talking to them because of that very Godly reminder their little faces brought to me. And, who can resist their BAAAAAAAA!
This owner was bottle-feeding her some fresh, cold water. Her name is Chelsea. Pig snouts rock and really, really make me laugh. OINK!
When we arrived, we saw our buddy Irvin near the tractors. Kevin was chatting with him here.
Here's us with Kevin's Allis Chalmers (we nicknamed her Alice)! He decided to display it this year at the fair. I like to kid and say this is a picture of a boy, his girlfriend and his wife. :)
Every tractor has a tag with the make, model, year and owner.
A boy and his tractor....this thing gives him something to be proud of and tinker with on occasion. :) The only bummer...I lost my garage parking spot to her! Oh well...

Thursday, September 23, 2010


My dear friend Christie. We met 20+ years ago in college. For my trip last week, I drove straight to her house in Gallatin, TN. I spent all but one night (Saturday) with her family. On Friday, she and I went to Nashville for some much-needed girl time!
This was in the sidewalk at the intersection of Broadway and Second Avenue. Reminded me of a visit to Los Angeles where the stars' names are in the sidewalk. I had to add my sassy red toenails in this one. LOL
Loved all the neon signs downtown. Hard Rock Cafe is at the end of Broadway, just before the riverfront.
Overlooking the river to the right of Hard Rock Cafe...
And, to the left...the Titans stadium. It's hard to imagine just how much water rose in this river in order to flood downtown. Amazing that this town recovered. If I hadn't know it had flooded, I never would have realized it since everything looked great there. Nashville is my favorite city!
Got boots? I'm not crazy about this lame pic of me, but I do like the boot!
Ah, the buzz of the city! The weather that night was divine and the city was packed!
more neon signs...You can see Christie's forehead on the bottom left. ha ha
This is our view overlooking Broadway from the balcony of The Big Bang dueling pianos bar.
To the left of the balcony is the Ernest Tubb Record Shop. This was the first time I didn't go in there and buy some classic country tunes. I guess because I have plenty and don't really listen to it much anymore.
The Big Bang...yep, this was our first stop. The guys in there were so talented. They not only knew how to play any requested song, they also knew the lyrics. Now, that's incredible!
Love the iconic "Batman" building. It just completes the Nashville skyline. I love it!
Another lame pic of me, but what a neat guitar!!
Ahhh...those gorgeous Ryman Auditorium windows....
And, the green glowing lights at the entrance. Gorgeous. Someday, I want to go inside!
The Stage was our second stop. There was a live band playing mostly country tunes, but then they switched it up and played things like Guns 'N Roses and AC/DC.
In The Stage, we sat up in the balcony and just watched people. It was packed in there!
Ah, good times with a great friend. Love you, CC!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

20-year high school reunion

Although you may have NO clue who these people are, I thought I would still share some highlights from my 20-year high school class reunion in Glasgow, KY.
I used to not be able to tell these twins apart. I have no trouble now, but back in elementary school, I had to look at their shoes. One had a blue stripe, one had a red stripe. ha ha
Sonja's eyes are closed, but I still like this picture. Jonathan got voted "most hair left". He totally reminds me of the actor John Ritter! He said he gets that all the time!
Beshka and Terri Jo have been best friends since high school. Terri Jo was homecoming queen and at the reunion got voted "has the youngest child". Her daughter is 7-months old. We do have a classmate who is pregnant, but she didn't win since she couldn't attend. I always thought Beshka was one of the prettiest girls in our class. She still is!
Virgil used to have a crush on me in middle school. ha ha I told him my fav memory is when in middle school someone shoved him in a locker and shut the door. Yes, he was that little and could fit! ha ha He had no idea I was making this goofy face when they took the pic. Gotcha!
One of my best friends, Linda. She and I were close buddies mainly in elementary and middle school. I literally had not seen her in 20 years! Linda was always athletic and it impressed me that she could skate backwards. She still can! We just laughed about that and she told me all about her sweet sons. I sat by her at dinner and caught up. So good to see her again!
Julie Nelson Craddock had "scottie blue" for her manicure. I thought that was neat!
Julie was our class president and Claire is one of my dearest friends ever! We were in Girl Scouts together and her daughter's name is Natalie Claire! My name is Natalie Clare (without the "i"). :)
I thought Bruce Leeson had changed the most. He and I had a good conversation and I got to meet his fun wife!
My other best friend from elementary and middle school, Stacy. She and I were Duran Duran FANATICS! And, I do mean FANATICS! We just hugged each other and told each other how much we loved and missed each other. Gosh, it was good to see her again. Another one that I had not seen in literally 20 years!
Meridith, me, Jon, Claire, Jennifer. I knew Jon mostly in band and Meridith and I have known each other since elementary school. Jennifer, Claire and I used to hang out together since they lived on the same street. It was the kind of group where three WASN'T a crowd. Such nice friends!
I joked with Amy and Scott that I wanted a picture with my 6th grade crush and his wife. The neat thing is that they have been together since 6th grade!!!
Gina traveled the farthest from Washington D.C. I was next in line for that award since I came from Ohio. Instead I got voted "least changed". I'll take that as a compliment! Some people joked and asked me what wrinkle cream I used, etc. I think my secret is that I wash my face nightly and stay out of the sun. Wish the rest of me looked 20 years younger. ha ha
Billy, Gina, Tony, Claire, Kim, Julie, me and Linda...what a great group!
I had taken over 40 pictures, but this is just a snippet of the night. I was so stinkin' nervous before I went, but after all was said and done, I am so so glad I went! Can't wait 'til the next one! I think this time about 1/3 of our classmates showed up. I really hope more come next time.
GHS Class of '90 rocks!

Monday, September 20, 2010