Thursday, September 16, 2010

Riley's 2nd b-day

Hi, I'm Riley! Or, as Momma calls me...Punk! I just had a birfday on Sept. 5th. I am a big dog now. I am TWO! Momma's out of town right now, so I'z uh sneakin' on the compooter to type. I have wittle tiny paws so it's easy for me.Wook at his handsome birfday shirt I got! You will see later what it says. I was outside playing wif one of my new squeaks. Jack and I like to run. He's my bully big brother. Well, ok, I lied. I am the bully. But, I'm cute!
Does this "muffin top" make my neck look fat? Geesh, fashions these days just don't flatter a cute boy's figure. *sigh* My Momma cain't dress me right. She yanked it down too far, huh? But, I'm cute!
Here I am wif my brudder, Jack. He doesn't like squeaks. So, I get to hog them all! You cain't see it here, but there is a speshul peanut butter treat under my chin that we shared. It was DEEEE-lish-us. Momma buys us good stuff. Plus, I'm cute!
Now, for the message on my shirt. It says I am the boss. Well, I am. And, I'm cute!
Being a cute dog is hard work. After all the 80,000 picshurs Momma took, I was tired. When I get a new toy, I like to keep it right by me. Next year, I bet Momma gits me a semi load of treats. Whatcha think? Well, I know one thing....I'M CUTE! :) I had a good birfday. Luv, Riley

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