Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ashland County Fair 2010

I had taken so many pictures in KY and TN that I had to actually delete a few to take these pics at the fair on Wednesday night.
We didn't watch the tiger show, but walked past and saw them when people were using the long red sticks to feed them raw meat. My, what BIG paws they have!
Love this picture, but won't ride the ferris wheel. It's a bit too high for me!
Love the goats! These two little rascals look ornery. Well, all the goats look ornery. Perhaps that's why I love them so much. I talk to the animals. Yes, I do! I love animals!
Somebody was REALLY into his food that night. His head wasn't stuck. If he dropped it, he'd pick it back up again with his head and try to lick in the bottom of the bucket. Hilarious! Yes, another ornery goat!
I love the sheep, too! All I can think about when I see them is how gentle their little faces are. And, how I was once a lost sheep, but by the grace of God I am no longer! I actually got teary-eyed talking to them because of that very Godly reminder their little faces brought to me. And, who can resist their BAAAAAAAA!
This owner was bottle-feeding her some fresh, cold water. Her name is Chelsea. Pig snouts rock and really, really make me laugh. OINK!
When we arrived, we saw our buddy Irvin near the tractors. Kevin was chatting with him here.
Here's us with Kevin's Allis Chalmers (we nicknamed her Alice)! He decided to display it this year at the fair. I like to kid and say this is a picture of a boy, his girlfriend and his wife. :)
Every tractor has a tag with the make, model, year and owner.
A boy and his tractor....this thing gives him something to be proud of and tinker with on occasion. :) The only bummer...I lost my garage parking spot to her! Oh well...

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