Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy LOVE Day

I made some yummy treats and tiny valentines for my co-workers.  Gotta spread a little love!  :)
Preheat oven to 250 degrees.  Arrange square-shaped pretzels on cookie sheet.  Place Rolo candy on top of each pretzel.  Place cookie sheet in oven for 2-3 minutes (chocolate will start to get shiny as it begins to melt a bit).  Remove cookie sheet from oven and carefully press pecan half into each Rolo.   Place in fridge to cool.  Enjoy!  (P.S. I am a MAJOR caramel lover, so these are totally irresistible.)
I used the Top Note die from Stampin' Up! (folded in half) to create some small valentine cards.  The sentiment stamp is from the dollar spot at JoAnn.  Simple idea, but it will give a message of love.
I used glittered paper from JoAnn, SU! scalloped circle punch, SU! Whisper White cardstock (card base and smaller white circle), pre-made heart stickers, and my white gel pen.
Several years ago, my mom gave me this adorable Longaberger heart-shaped basket.  I thought it would be a perfect way to carry these tiny greetings of love to each of my co-workers' desks. 
Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you find a way to celebrate love today. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pennant Birthday

Pennants are all the rage right now.  I cut them out of a patterned scrap I had.  In fact, other than the card base (5" x & 7 1/4"), this card is made from scraps!  My mom would be proud.  :)
I inked the edges of everything and then curled the ends for dimension.  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fantastic 40th!

Today is my 40th birthday!  I had a great day!  I am so blessed to have had such a great life so far.  My heart is full.  Thank you, Lord.
It all started on February 11, 1972.  Look how tiny I was.  I thank God for giving me the wonderful parents who brought me into this world.
 Lavender roses from hubby!  Gorgeous!  I told them these are my fav by far that he's ever given me.

 The little butterfly detail even had my birthstone...amethyst.  Cute!
Soon after I got up today, I ran the dishwasher.  Jack HATES the dishwasher and I can only guess he hears noises it makes that don't bug human ears.  He hid (literally curled up in a tight ball) under the family room table.  When I went to take his picture, he REFUSED to look at me.  Poor guy, but still funny!
In the car in downtown Mansfield.  I took this one while waiting for Kevin to come back from John's Hobby Shop (see photo below).  He had to stop and buy some model paints.

 I chose Olive Garden.  All I can say is that their breadsticks are like crack and I am an addict.  LOL
 Kevin wasn't too jazzed about me taking his picture in public, but oh well...  LOL  Aww, come on.  Smile!  He's shy.
 I'll never grow up.  I used to be painfully shy and now I'm just goofy.  *giggle*
 Happy 40th to me!  My sister brought me a mini cake from my fav local bakery...Hawkins!
 Riley helped me make a wish.  Uhm, actually he wanted to EAT the cake.  Forget wishes.  LOL
 I wish you could TASTE it.  It melts in your mouth.  Hawkins cakes rock!
 Needless to say, I TORE IT UP!  Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
 I loved receiving cards from co-workers, family and friends.  What a blessed day!  40 is fantastic!

Friday, February 10, 2012

For My Sweetie

To spread a little love, I decided to do a few special things for my hubby.  On February 9, 2000 he proposed.  So, on February 9, 2012 I thought it would be fun to do a "happy engagement anniversary" celebration.  Why not have a random celebration of love?  :)  There is his pizza in the oven...some lovin' in the oven...literally.
I used my pizza cutter to cut a heart shape from a pre-made crust, then added a whole can of mushrooms and other yummy toppings.  A heart-shaped pizza!  I made a different pizza for me since I DETEST mushrooms.  He joked that they are "HIS" and "HERS" pizzas.  Yes, hon, I guess so...
On that date 12 years ago I said YES....so, he got a yummy cake with YES on it.  I know, I'm corny.  I used the Alphalicious cartridge on the Cricut for the letters.  I initially wanted to spell it using sprinkles, but when that failed I went to Plan B.  I think this looks nicer.
 I think it's great to celebrate love!
I made this card just before he got home from work.  I cut out the scalloped square using the Cricut.  I added the woodgrain background stamp to symbolize where we had carved 2.9.00 into the wood of the Mohican State Park Covered Bridge (the spot where he proposed). I know, we were vandals.  LOL  We didn't gouge too hard, because we couldn't find it the next time we returned to the bridge.  When he read what I jotted inside I saw that little smile emerge and he said "Well, bless your heart.".  I knew this meant a lot to him.  So worth the time it took to let him know I never forget that special day 12 years ago.  I'd marry him all over again!  So blessed.