Friday, February 10, 2012

For My Sweetie

To spread a little love, I decided to do a few special things for my hubby.  On February 9, 2000 he proposed.  So, on February 9, 2012 I thought it would be fun to do a "happy engagement anniversary" celebration.  Why not have a random celebration of love?  :)  There is his pizza in the oven...some lovin' in the oven...literally.
I used my pizza cutter to cut a heart shape from a pre-made crust, then added a whole can of mushrooms and other yummy toppings.  A heart-shaped pizza!  I made a different pizza for me since I DETEST mushrooms.  He joked that they are "HIS" and "HERS" pizzas.  Yes, hon, I guess so...
On that date 12 years ago I said, he got a yummy cake with YES on it.  I know, I'm corny.  I used the Alphalicious cartridge on the Cricut for the letters.  I initially wanted to spell it using sprinkles, but when that failed I went to Plan B.  I think this looks nicer.
 I think it's great to celebrate love!
I made this card just before he got home from work.  I cut out the scalloped square using the Cricut.  I added the woodgrain background stamp to symbolize where we had carved 2.9.00 into the wood of the Mohican State Park Covered Bridge (the spot where he proposed). I know, we were vandals.  LOL  We didn't gouge too hard, because we couldn't find it the next time we returned to the bridge.  When he read what I jotted inside I saw that little smile emerge and he said "Well, bless your heart.".  I knew this meant a lot to him.  So worth the time it took to let him know I never forget that special day 12 years ago.  I'd marry him all over again!  So blessed.

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