Thursday, September 23, 2010


My dear friend Christie. We met 20+ years ago in college. For my trip last week, I drove straight to her house in Gallatin, TN. I spent all but one night (Saturday) with her family. On Friday, she and I went to Nashville for some much-needed girl time!
This was in the sidewalk at the intersection of Broadway and Second Avenue. Reminded me of a visit to Los Angeles where the stars' names are in the sidewalk. I had to add my sassy red toenails in this one. LOL
Loved all the neon signs downtown. Hard Rock Cafe is at the end of Broadway, just before the riverfront.
Overlooking the river to the right of Hard Rock Cafe...
And, to the left...the Titans stadium. It's hard to imagine just how much water rose in this river in order to flood downtown. Amazing that this town recovered. If I hadn't know it had flooded, I never would have realized it since everything looked great there. Nashville is my favorite city!
Got boots? I'm not crazy about this lame pic of me, but I do like the boot!
Ah, the buzz of the city! The weather that night was divine and the city was packed!
more neon signs...You can see Christie's forehead on the bottom left. ha ha
This is our view overlooking Broadway from the balcony of The Big Bang dueling pianos bar.
To the left of the balcony is the Ernest Tubb Record Shop. This was the first time I didn't go in there and buy some classic country tunes. I guess because I have plenty and don't really listen to it much anymore.
The Big Bang...yep, this was our first stop. The guys in there were so talented. They not only knew how to play any requested song, they also knew the lyrics. Now, that's incredible!
Love the iconic "Batman" building. It just completes the Nashville skyline. I love it!
Another lame pic of me, but what a neat guitar!!
Ahhh...those gorgeous Ryman Auditorium windows....
And, the green glowing lights at the entrance. Gorgeous. Someday, I want to go inside!
The Stage was our second stop. There was a live band playing mostly country tunes, but then they switched it up and played things like Guns 'N Roses and AC/DC.
In The Stage, we sat up in the balcony and just watched people. It was packed in there!
Ah, good times with a great friend. Love you, CC!

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