Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Pooches

Crack me up! These silly pooches finally let me keep their costumes on just long enough for some scrapbook moments. I can't wait to use my "little monsters" paper that I bought LAST year. These were supposed to be last year's costumes, but they were not cooperative then.
They were busy watching all the trick or treaters going by and a few firm words like "stay" kept them in position for this shot. hee hee Gotta love my little "one-eyed blue monsters". I have no idea if this blue monster is from a kids' movie or what...
"Hi, my name is Jack-a-ma-dack and I do not like costumes. My smile is a thin disguise for the curse words I am saying loudly in my doggy inside voice." LOL Oh my cute is this dog!? Adorable, I say. These poor costumes were too big, but oh well. So worth the laughs.
"Ok, Momma. I'm done. I have kids to bark at through the big window." *sigh* Is he not the cutest stinkin' little peanut?! Gotta love his t-shirt being on, too. It was chilly so he had to dress warm.
Jack was getting some help from his rascal brother, Riley. I think they were both glad when the "annoying costume" photo shoot was over. *chuckle* Gotta love these pooches! :)

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