Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy 39th to me!

I haven't felt the best all week, but thought I better smile for the camera on my actual birthday. I turned 39 Friday and am thankful for the great life God has given me!
Sportin' my jammies and make-up half worn off. Oh's a little Hawkins cake from my parents. :) Hawkins white cake is my favorite!
LICK!!!!!!!! Yummy! I am goofy. Love the quote the hospital maintenance man shared with me this week: Growing old is required. Growing up is optional. (I refuse to lose my "kid at heart" nature, thus pictures like this! LOL)
My co-worker made this card and everyone signed it. Cute little S'mores man. :)
I got this handmade cutie from Connie.
And, this adorable one is from Joan.
I have spent the entire weekend in jammies and resting. I am finally getting my voice back a bit and haven't quite plowed through a WHOLE box of Puffs Plus, but close! Sometimes celebrating in a low-key fashion isn't all bad. I just hope when I turn 40 my body isn't retaliating and I can WHOOP it up in style. :)

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