Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Your Day

I made this quick, easy card to send to my cousin's husband. I didn't have any guy cards in my stash and had to think of something fast. Hope he doesn't mind that the paper has some pink stripes. Oops. Sorry, Larry. But, it will be on time! ha ha I used my mini pinking scissors to trim the edge after I stamped the saying onto the patterned paper. I reminds me of a corn cob. I distressed and inked the edges of the turquoise to tone down the color a bit. Uhm....I still see that pink shining bright in all it's glory. Let's just say this card is corn and raw steak. How about that? Corn and pink, raw steak. That's masculine, right? Wrong. Oh well. Maybe better luck next year with him getting a card that screams "man". *chuckle*
Riley cracks me up. But, then already knew that. He has this quirky habit about "needing" to take a toy or bone outside with him to go potty. If he takes a stuffed animal, it almost always comes back looking like this. Here's Mr. Ephelant (elephant) after his snow bath. I'm not sure why Riley does this, but since no animals are harmed in the making of such funny moments, I let him do it. Why not? God uses him to make me giggle daily. Plus, we can all use some fresh air now and then....even Mr. Ephelant. *snort*

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Connie said...

He loved it. Didn't even notice the pink color.