Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet Mr. Elfa

Yet again, my craft area is getting revamped. I tell ya. It DRIVES ME CRAZY! About the time I think I have it just so-so, then I start making piles of this, piles of that, etc. So....I decided to get an Elfa system at The Container Store to help me utilize more vertical space on this main wall.
This is the "you really can't tell how bad it is, but trust me it's bad" before shot. What you can't see is the 4-foot table behind the chair that has PILES on it, plus the 6 feet of floor space with PILES of stuff. Oh brother. I need an intervention. I plan to sort, purge and reorganize most of my stuff. I have to or I'll never come back down here to create again. It bugs me THAT bad.
This is the "while hubby is still at work and this chick really really really wants her Elfa together and thinks she can do it alone" during picture. Seriously, don't poke your eyes out due to the 1970s vibe of grossness you see here. I am so very grateful for my space, but seriously....1970s style. hee hee Here you can see where I pushed my 8-foot table towards the middle of the space and all of the glorious piles of "certainly I should be able to make sense of this all" that are filling both tables. Again, makes you want to poke both eyes out and call the organization cops on me. Right? Right.
Oh, I see light at the end of my tunnel. Mr. Elfa is upright! I got the free-standing version so that I didn't have to drill into this lovely "Lord knows how thick it is and what's behind it" knotty pine wood panels from the 1970s. I also had to work within a 6'x9' space, avoiding the duct work that is "hidden" behind that sassy wooden box thingy. Niiiice. Not. Anywho....What is nice about the freestanding is that I can ADD ON ANOTHER SECTION as my budget allows. Ah, yes! More space, more shelves. MORE ELFA. I've died and gone to Heaven. Oh wait....Heaven will be WAY better than this. Way better. But, for now...I'll take my Elfa. Ok, onward and upward...let's scroll down to see MORE goodness in the making...
Ta-da! A desktop! Woo-hippity-hoo! It's really three shelves end to end that create my desktop. Snazzy, eh? Ok, keep going...
Bada-bing-bada-boom! Ah........Mr. make me smile. The only bummer is that three of my shelf brackets needed ordered so the mini shelves aren't up yet. Do you see the WAY SUPER COOL Elfa tote bag? Oh my. They had all my little goodies all organized (imagine that...The Container Store being organized...yes, it!) and ready for me to take home. The bonus....I now have a WAY SUPER COOL tote bag to use for whatever....whenever. I just might snuggle with it in my bed when I sleep. Yes, I was THAT happy to get it. I even like saying ELFA. Come on, practice with me. ELFA. ELFA. Doesn't it make your mouth all happy to say it? I knew you'd agree. (P.S. Yes, I am this nutty. Just bear with me.)
Now, the goal is to organize said space after sorting/purging/etc. but it will take a while for me to do this process. In the meantime, sweet Elfa dreams and some day I will have a true "after" picture to show. For now, I have things all over it, but not in the manner in which it will stay. It will be a work in progress. Remember, the PILES have to be tamed before I can really do this job. I might need a candy bar to help me. Anybody got any chocolate?
Thanks for stopping by. If you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know I've poked my own eyes out so I don't have to look at the PILES. *chuckle*

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