Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Proud Aunt

Julie received her Master's Degree on 1/9/11. Cheers to a hard-working student! She also works full time at Nationwide Children's Hospital in their Dublin Medical Office Building.
A proud, supportive husband with his Master's graduate wife! :)
It's official! She did it!
Brooke graduated from the University of Akron on 12/11/10. She works in Akron, but hopes to transfer to Columbus soon and work two jobs. She plans on getting her Master's Degree, too. Wow! These girls are go-getters!
Wearing a cap and gown is such an accomplishment! So proud of these girls!
Hats off to you, Brooke! Congrats!
I never said I was right. Gotta be goofy or life gets WAY too boring. ha ha
Charles turned 22 on 1/7/11. We had planned a family dinner at Jake's restaurant, but it got delayed TWICE due to snow. When we were finally able to meet, there were only the four of us. Unfortunately, the rest of the Ashland gang was sick. Crazy winter sickness! Ugh. It was still a very relaxing and wonderful time with Steve, Charles and mom. Happy Birthday! I am so proud of how much Charles has matured this past year. He has found love (wink wink), has a new job and is beginning to understand just how must responsibility life takes. I have seen such a positive change and I thank God for that. :)
HOT HOT HOT wings! Yee-ow-zaaaaa! I tried the sauce and it set my tongue on fire! I do not know how he eats these! ha ha Thumbs up to that!
Make a wish, birthday boy! Love you! I remember when he was born and weighed a little over five pounds. Now he is taller than his Nanny! :)
Sweet Charles. I look forward to see what this next year brings and I hope it is full of blessings!
So, you see...I have a lot to be proud of even as an aunt. I thank God for these three precious people. They have shown me love in a way only an aunt could know. Priceless. Just warms my heart. :)

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