Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun In Columbus

While Julie and Josh are on a 2-week Caribbean cruise, my mom is staying with Tucker. They pretty much sleep, watch tv, eat and keep each other company. I went down last Saturday for the night and had a great time!
This giraffe is his favorite. He curls up with it, puts the "butt" of the giraffe in his mouth like a pacifier and wiggles his front paws like he is "kneading" it's body. Goofy dog! He had this giraffe at the breeder, so it was technically his first toy. No wonder he loves it. It soothes him to sleep.
This dog hides bones and treats EVERYWHERE. When I went to bed Saturday night, I pulled back the covers, slipped into bed and OOH leg hit a bone he had hidden. I have no idea how he got it under the covers, but I took it downstairs to him and he acted like it was Christmas. His feelings get hurt if you "find" one or "look" while he's hiding it. LOL In this picture, he is hiding one in his mouth.
Mom was laying on the couch and he "hid" one on her arm. Ok, Tucker, that was a bit obvious. He is so funny! What is even funnier is that mom laid there and just kept chatting with this bone on her arm, even after I told her it was there. ha
Oh boy. Humans get bedhead. Tucker gets "nap chin". LOL He looks so sleepy here.
OH, and this is very common. He was laid out and sacked out all at the same time. What a dog!
I have to tell you about a fun place in Dublin we went to...not once, but TWICE! Menchie's. It is a frozen yogurt chain, but this is the only one in Ohio so far. It is self-serve and you buy it by the pound. Grab a cup, fill it with one or many flavors of yogurt, then....
...add one or many toppings in the "dry" bar.
Then, add fresh fruit, brownie bites, cheesecake bites, etc. from the "cold" bar.
Then, take it to the register, have it weighed, pay and then EAT IT UP...Yummmmmmmm!
Oh, my. LOVE cheesecake bites. I topped mine pretty heavily on day two. Wowzers! It is such a fun place, cute environment and such a happy thing to enjoy. Menchie's! I will definitely be going back again.
Mom and I also went to B&B Scrapbooks in Powell. The nicest lady owns it and they are only about 5 minutes from Julie's house. Mom and I want to go crop there sometime, then spend the night at Julie's. Convenient! :)
On Sunday, we ate at Sunny Street Cafe in Dublin. I had bananas foster pancakes. To. die. for. YUM! Then, we went to Container Store where I bought my Elfa shelving system. Love it! I drove home later that night and Monday meant back to work...back to reality.

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