Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines 2011

I only made 20 Valentines this year. I used the Cuttlebug for the background texture, markers to color the sentiment, heart punches, glitter paper and some fun lace ribbon.
The good thing about the mat stack glitter paper is that it doesn't "shed" sparkles all over me. You know deep down I am a "glitterphobe". *chuckle*
I made some 3x3 notecard Valentines for my co-workers. I got the pre-cut felt hearts at Joann's.
I will say...I will NEVER buy the DCWV textured paper there again. The red paper here is made by them. Awful. The first problem is the sticker on the back of the paper. Don't try to remove it. It doesn't come off! Use Un-do and stink up your whole basement and about suffocate. Yeah, seriously. Forget it. I did that on a few, but the dumb sticker still left residue. Ewww. Don't like how it cuts either. Frays on the edges and the white core fuzzies are a nightmare. Just my opinion. Cheap price doesn't always mean good choice. Lesson learned.
Joann can keep their dumb DCWV textured paper. Sale or no sale. Blechhhhh!
Anywho. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Connie said...

Love the pre-cut hearts. Too bad about the other paper, but like you said lesson well learned. :)