Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Whew! Busy Wednesday!

Bless all of you that keeping reading my not-so-crafty blog lately. I know I haven't had much mojo going on and hardly any stamped projects, but I hope you understand. I've been working on my Christmas cards, but certainly haven't felt crafty beyond that. Losing your best furry friend does that, I guess. Please hang in there. I promise to try and find some mojo soon so I don't bore you. Life has just had a different agenda lately.

I had a busy Wednesday. Had two appointments after work, then went to see my great aunt Irene in the hospital. She's had a tough week, but is doing better. She is such a delight!

Lastly, here's another DOG update. The rescue Eskie we applied for was adopted by the other applicant ahead of us. Yet another answer that shows she wasn't the dog meant for us. The rescue is to post more dogs soon so we'll check them out before finding a local Eskie breeder for our next baby girl. Ahnah. She was a cutie, but we are happy she found a happy new home! So, over dinner tonight I just looked up and said "Ok, God...we're really curious what dog you'll send us." And, that is that. :) I have such a peace about it. He'll show us the way...

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