Monday, October 20, 2008

Vet Update

Well, Macy and I spent two hours at the vet today. Bless her little heart. They examined her again and ran bloodwork. Her one enzyme and calcium levels were a bit elevated, but could be simply because she had eaten breakfast (canned food mushed in her other food). She was dehydrated so they gave me the option of 1) overnight stay with IV fluids or 2) subcutaneous fluids with anti-nausea med, then "doggy pedialyte" and bland canned food for home. The vet said either option was fine, so I chose the second. I'd rather bring her home if possible. I can only give her fluids today and then small amounts of bland canned food tomorrow. If she is not better by Tuesday night, we go back again. I am to keep her calm and quiet today, which won't be a problem as she is passed out again right now and I'm the only one home. She won't drink the "pedialyte" so who knows if she will. It's even chicken flavor. I know she's sick if she ignores anything "chicken". I'll be home with her today and tomorrow and if any more news happens, I'll update. Thanks for caring if you've read this far.

Kevin came home for lunch and said he is REALLY going to like this new job. Praise God...again and again! Wow, what a blessing!

Since I am so blessed, I want to share a great song about just that. Click HERE, then choose the third version that's 3:43 mins. long. Love this one! Really listen to the words.

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