Thursday, October 23, 2008

Goodbye Baby Girl

I am so sad to tell you that she died this morning. The vet did an autopsy and they found her heart, lungs and liver were all smaller than normal and she most likely had a blood clot that went to her brain....causing a stroke. I think she actually died in her sleep. So, basically she was a bit physically abnormal, but had a good 6 years of life with these abnormalities. The vet was very thorough in explaining everything and is very compassionate. She, too, was shocked and stumped that this happened to Macy.
I have to tell Kevin when he gets home and I've already spoken to his boss to let him know that if Kevin is too upset that he may not be back today. I told him to not tell Kevin I called and the reason I called was so he wouldn't be in trouble. I am having my own waves of emotion and just trying to count the 6 years of blessings with her. She was such a good dog and she always knew she was loved. I thank God for the time we did have with her.
I have to talk with Kevin and see if he wants to bury her or have her cremated. I want cremation and don't want to see her dead body at all. I can't. I am too visual and will only remember the bad if I do. I'll let you know what he and I decide together. His mom is coming over soon to help me tell him. I totally dread it. Totally.
I know God is in total control of our lives and perhaps has something better waiting for us in our life together. God knows I will hurt. But, I have faith that this situation will strengthen us both and get us ready for what life has ahead. I am just so grateful that I knew the unconditional love that sweet Macy gave us daily. She will be missed terribly. It is just such a shock. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and cares about what we're going through. :)

Although it is painful, I know God has all situations in the palm of His hand. I can't help but praise Him in my pain by sharing this beautiful song. Click HERE. Listen carefully to the words. I praise Him although he "gives and takes away".


Katie Ajtaji said...

Natalie, Just wanted to let you know that you and Kevin are in my prayers. Losing a pet is not fun but you have to many great memories to look back on. Praying for you, Katie Ajtaji

Lolita said...

Natalie & Kevin, my heart hurts for both of you. Macy was such a sweet ball of fur. She was so very lucky to have both of you as her "parents".

Chris Daugherty said...

Natalie, I know this has to be so hard for both of you! Know that I am here for you in whatever you need and my prayers are with you both. Chris