Saturday, October 11, 2008


My mojo is in outer space again. I am telling you that I am about ready to make a doctor's appointment to see if there is a remedy! LOL! I know that my new allergy med is making me soooooo sleepy, but geesh!! This is gettin' old! I am so inspired by things, but it just doesn't develop into anything tangible. *sigh* LOL!

I came up with a prototype for my Halloween cards. I had stamped these silly spiders weeks ago and added the EEK! with a small SU! alpha set I have. I inked the rest of the circles today and am totally stumped with what to do next. This card is only 4x4. I am trying to think of how to get as many cards as possible out of my orange cardstock. If I use the 12x12 sheets, I can get 4 cards per piece. We'll see...

I tapped the opened stamp pad over the surface to get the background look. I randomly stamped the word Halloween on the small orange strip. It's all haphazard and not even inked thoroughly, but's just a prototype so I didn't care.
The 2" circle is cut out of the cardfront with my Marvy punch. I just got it for $8 from my friend Chris who was selling all her punches! Bonus for me!! I didn't have a punch that size.
The glitter on the skinny sticky strip (say that three times! LOL!) is GLOW IN THE DARK! Cool!!!! I held the card up to a light, then went in the storage area under the basement steps. (Thank God I didn't see any real spiders in there!!) I took two pics without a flash so you can kinda see the effect. The top one is with the light in the craft area shining in a bit and the one below is with the door closed more with very little light sneaking in. It's way cooler in person.

I've had a good weekend so far. I got to sleep in today and then made some scrumptious banana/pecan pancakes for breakfast. Yum! In the afternoon, I went to my friend/co-worker's house to see his twin grandbabies. Unfortunately, only one baby was there and he was sick. Poor little guy! I'll see the twins together the next time they visit. I had even taken the camera for some fun baby pics.
Tonight for supper I made pork chops cooked in cream of mushroom soup and smothered in more sliced mushrooms. I added green bean casserole and fresh buttered rolls. Now, get this....I can't stand mushrooms! I made this meal for Kevin and simply flicked the 'shrooms to the side on my serving. Ick! LOL!
Here's a funny from today at the dinner table:
K: Mmm Mmm Mmm
N: Oh are you complimenting the cook?
K: No, I'm complimenting God for making mushrooms.
Life with Kevin is never dull. LOL!
Tomorrow is church, then we're heading to Columbus for Julie and Josh's engagement party. I am so looking forward to both. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a blessed Sunday!

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