Saturday, October 25, 2008

Acts of Kindness

We want everyone to know how much we appreciate the acts of kindness these past few days. Whether it was an e-mail, flowers, phone call, visit or a has all helped us. We are so blessed with friends and family who have shown acts of kindness in all these ways. Some of you have also simply given us time alone to deal with our loss.
On Friday night, we enjoyed dinner and a movie so we could just "get out" and not be here at home for a few hours. We saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua and it made us both laugh. Yes, it was a dog movie, but it was a funny movie so it was ok. As soon as we got home, I was on the internet searching American Eskimo breeders. One of my initial thoughts was that I couldn't have another dog, but it's just too quiet here without a furry bundle of joy. We figure we'll start looking for our next baby girl in the spring.
I may not have a lot to post this next week as I get back in the normal routine of life.....go back to work and just adjust to a different schedule without Macy here. I am just going to take things a day at a time, especially in regards to scrapbooking and stamping. Once I get past the first hump of my grief I hope to have lots of creativity to share.
You may also notice that I changed the wording in my profile on the left column. It's not that I am erasing our Macy, but I wanted the wording to be accurate and it meant removing her name. I have a lot of restlessness right now, but part of my healing is to slowly move her things here at home, change wording on stuff and get into a new routine. I still automatically look for her all around the house and sometimes the reality just stops me in my tracks and I can't do anything. It will take time. I know that. Along the way, I will hold onto my faith and look forward to what God has next for our life together.
We love you guys!
Natalie & Kevin

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