Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Updates

Macy is still sick. We are now on day 6 of illness. This was her yesterday as I cleaned house. All she wants to do is sleep and she keeps getting choked and throwing up phlegm. Her symptoms remind me of how a human acts when they have a cold or the flu. I feel so helpless and just want to make her better. She has been so exhausted and groggy all weekend. She walks around like her body aches or she has a charlie horse in her leg. She has no appetite for her regular food (dry or moistened with water), but she did take to a few bites of canned dog food with rice/chicken at about 8pm after not eating all day. She is a chicken addict so that's why I chose that flavor. She is refusing her baby carrot still, but will take nibbles of her lite dog treats when she goes potty. I'm grateful she is drinking water though.
You can tell by the look in her eyes that she just doesn't feel good. This was her on Sunday afternoon. We went to dinner with friends on Saturday night and when we came home she had been really sick. Then today after church she was worse, so we called the vet about 3pm and left a message on the "on call" voice mail. As of 8:41pm we still haven't heard back, which seems very unusual. I will give the vet the benefit of the doubt as to why no return call, but I will be calling them at 8am sharp to get her back in there. Poor kid. It makes me get all teary-eyed because she is my sweet baby dog. As I type this, she is asleep again.

I scrapbooked with my mom on Friday, but this is about all I got done. I touched my supplies, ate food and decided my mojo has been kidnapped. I think I've just got stuff on my mind and can't be all crafty right now. It was sad that I just didn't have it in me that night. I started one page after 8 hours of cropping. Geesh! It's not even done and when and if I get it done this week I'll post it. Thanks for reading about my dog and understanding that mojoless me will post something worthy ASAP. Enjoy your Monday!

This weekend's blessings:
*spontaneous dinner date at a great Amish restaurant with friends
*another awesome church service
*the furnace kicking on right away after Kevin lit the pilot light (indoor temp was was time! I had been holding off turning it on to save money.)
*lunch today with our moms at Casa Fiesta
*groceries/full fridge and pantry
*our Macy...bless her little heart

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