Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Anniversary Blessings

After work, Kevin gave me these gorgeous long-stemmed roses. The lady at the florist said they were the longest stems she had seen. I'm guessing they were about 18 inches long! I hated to cut them, but had to trim some off for them to rest nicely in the vase. They smell spectacular! He bought them at the same florist that had done our wedding flowers. Neat!
God makes the most gorgeous things, doesn't He? Especially red roses. Wow!
I also got this beautiful card (WITH GLITTER!!!!) The wording inside brought me to tears. *sniffle* He did good and I am so blessed to have him for my dear husband. :)
Among the political ads and bills in today's mail was this wonderful anniversary card from Connie. Thanks, Connie! We loved it! I loved the glitter on the wording, too. Yum!

I asked Kevin if he preferred dinner out or a home-cooked meal for our anniversary. Since he was tired from work, he said "Just get me a Whopper." I just laughed. We ate our "gourmet" meal together from Burger King. Oh so romantic. LOL! We are such basic people that just being together with our burgers was a-ok with us. We put on our jammies and just spent a quiet night at home with little furball. She wasn't feeling well and was up in the middle of the night last night with a tummyache. She's not quite spunky and if she still acts goofy, she'll get a doctor visit. Poor pooch.

Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!

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