Friday, October 17, 2008

God Is Good!

Did you know it is possible to have GOOD stress and BAD stress all in one day? You know that happy things can be stressful and that's what I mean by GOOD stress. They can also wear you a GOOD way. Did you also know that within the two can be answered prayers just staring you in the face? Wow....what a day Thursday was for us! I had told you in an earlier post that Macy has been avoiding her food, acting mopey, etc. After not eating her breakfast or going potty Thursday morning, I decided to take her to the vet and make sure she didn't have a fever or something else they could tell us. I stayed home with her for a few hours Thursday morning so I could call the vet, etc. They could see her at 4:30pm, so I got ready for work and went in about 10am.
While I was fixing my hair, the phone rang. (Here's the GOOD stress of the day.) It was a very personable man on the other end from a company where Kevin had recently applied for a job. Kevin had checked back with them and at the time the position was already filled so this phone call was quite a surprise. I took the name, number and info and let him know I'd have Kevin call right after work. He has been working a temp job for a few months now while looking for a new permanent job. Within ten minutes, the phone rang again. It was the man at the company and he asked if there was any way I could let Kevin know to come there right after work for an interview. I told him I'd do my best and we'd call to verify the time, etc.
I went to work for an hour, then left about 11:15am to go tell Kevin about this (ah, my work is so nice, huh? letting me leave for this!!!) Kevin doesn't have a cell phone and I didn't want to call there and interrupt his work day. So....I talked to him on his lunch break. He at first thought I was coming to tell him bad news about Macy. NO...I was telling him to call this guy and set up the interview. I went back to work after lunch from 1-4pm. I had to leave early to take Macy to her appointment at 4:30pm.
Here's the good news. Macy's check-up was fine. Macy is so super shy at the vet and she tucked her head in my arm as she was so nervous...even more since she wasn't feeling well. When I took off her leash to weigh her, she bolted to the lobby! LOL! I had to go grab her and take her back to the scale. LOL! Anyway....the vet checked her stool sample and it was negative for parasites. Her exam was normal, etc. Macy HATES for anyone to look in her mouth, so it was hard for the vet to really check that. She also didn't have a fever, but it was on the high-normal side. To make a long story longer....they figure she might have a sore tooth, fractured tooth or mouth sore that we can't see. Harder foods will aggravate that. It was so worth it to me to take her for peace of mind. Illness can creep up on a pet so quickly so good vet care for her is priceless to me. The best advice the vet could give for now was to moisten/soften her food with water. I did it and she ate the whole meal. I was rejoicing and had to take a picture. Yes....she ate! She ate! :) She goes soon to get her teeth cleaned and they can examine her teeth better then. Ahhh...bad stress turned into relief and a worn out dog from her stressful time at the vet. Poor kid. I hope she gets her spunk back soon. I can't believe that all day she refused her treats/baby carrot, etc. Man, that's odd!

Face down in the food bowl!!! Like her little doggy placemat with the stars on it? LOL!

OK...and the finale?!!!!!! Kevin got the job and he starts Monday. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! This has been a loooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggggggg wait and certainly a trial to say the least. He will be a delivery driver in the state of Ohio for this company. They are a distribution company for water pumps and parts, etc. He will work full-time Monday through Friday and will be home each night. Ahhhhhhhhhhh...see, I told you....GOD IS GOOD! I have seen God working in our lives so much lately that I can't help but have tears in my eyes.....GOOD TEARS! :) Well, maybe a little more than tears. As I reread this I broke down with tears of rejoicing! *sniffle*

Oh, and I forgot to tell you how the position was available again. The guy who had originally taken that job moved on to another job in his field of microbiology within a few weeks and they had to do a rehire. glad they picked my husband from all those applicants!!

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Lolita said...

Natalie, I am so HAPPY for the great news both for Macy & Kevin. What a wonderful way to end the week. You both deserve all the best.