Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Very Long Night

I have been up literally all night and am emotionally and physically exhausted. I have prayed, cried, and tried to recite Bible verses to keep me calm, but right now I could fall apart from being so drained. Macy is no better. She has refused to eat or drink since we came home from the vet yesterday at noon. She is so weak now and her eyes show her exhaustion. Half her battle right now for getting any good rest is due to the nasal congestion and coughing up phlegm. It's colored now and she just smells like she is sick. I called right away at 8am to get her back in ASAP. Instead of a direct admit for IV fluids, she will be seeing the main doctor, Dr. Lehman at 9:30am. I hope she has some wisdom for her care. I can't watch her get any weaker or I'll really lose it. More so than I am right now. I am just beside myself. I'll post updates later as I can. If they admit her, I have to get some sleep. There's no way I can see me getting to my haircut/color appointment tonight either. I am in no mood for a haircut. I am in the mood for a spunky pooch.

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