Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thursday 9am!!

I am picking Macy up Thursday at 9am. The vet finally called back and said she was perkier today. She walked her this morning and then Macy really wasn't thrilled about coming back into the building. Imagine that....who would want to go back in a cage? Not me. She was doing circles in her cage which would tangle her IV line. That's my girl! Keep on perking up and doing your happy dances! She said her eyes are less swollen and look much better, but she really doesn't want to eat. I told her Macy will pout if we aren't home and will usually eat once we get home. So, perhaps her finicky food thing is because the food is different or just that she wants to eat at home. They are going to give her the food we buy and see if it helps her appetite. I tell you, 9am can't come soon enough. I have been waiting and waiting all day long for a call about when I can see her or bring her home. Bless her little heart. Her toys are waiting in the living room for her to play again. It has been one stressful week I tell ya. All day I've been thinking that she's at my heels or following me then I realize she's not even home. *sigh* I sure miss her. I'm so used to her being right here. I'll know she's better if when I see her tomorrow that her "flat" tail curls up on her back again or wags with delight. It's been out of order for a week. I also want to see her brown smiling eyes. Oh, I can't wait.

Kevin had another good day at his new job. He said "I really feel like this is the job for me." I pick up his last "temp job" paycheck tomorrow. He really likes who he works with and they are very organized. I kidded him and said "See, organization pays off." (I am an organizing freak!) He then said "Well, yeah it's good there." I know he just wanted to dance around the point of saying that organization at home is good, too. LOL! Someday maybe he'll agree. LOL!

Ok, now I have to occupy my time until 9am. Hmm...what to do...what to do...
Thanks everyone for being patient about a so-no-stamping week of posts. I hope to be back in the swing very soon. Here's a little song to celebrate my baby getting little brown-eyed girl. Click HERE and pick the first song. :)

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