Thursday, June 26, 2008

We Ain't Right-Part II

Me+Mom+Connie+Joan=croppin' fun with jokes, laughs and a bit of scrappin'....LOL ! Certainly a "you had to be there" kind of day, but I still have to share the blackmail evidence from last weekend's crop at mom's. Last time it was Connie and I with our paper "glasses" and this time mom got some hillbilly teeth and mustaches to add to the fun. Dahlin', you look mahvelous! NOT!

Yes, we are nutty. Man, do we have fun though. Uh, excuse me but you have a wooly worm on your upper lip. Bwahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa!

Hmm...I think I'll "brows" the catalog. nyuk nyuk nyuk She looks like Groucho Marx. LOL!

Hey, you can even dress up your favorite tools! Ok, it was after midnight at this point and things can get a bit hairy (pun intended) when it's late.

Macy got to join the fun the next morning. This was the only place I could put it near her face without her whipping it off in a second. Eww, mom...get that OFF of me! LOL She's a good little furball.

Hey, if all they can think to put on my grave stone someday is "lived a happy life", then mission accomplished. I am so grateful God gave me a wacky sense of humor.

Ok, next time I'll get back to posting crafty stuff. Later!

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