Sunday, June 8, 2008

Orangutan, Organizing and Strawberries

With a title like that, you gotta wonder what I'm up to, huh? Well, I decided to post one last zoo page. It's been a week...time to move on. I have 4 other zoo layouts (fish, birds, gorillas and another misc. animals page). I have to actually finish two of them, but I won't be posting them so we can get on to another subject or cards or whatnot... :)
This orangutan sure looks ornery and bored! LOL The cute little colobus monkey was pulling up handfuls of grass and eating it. Kevin commented that he'd hate to see what he could do to a nice golf course. Yikes! He was pulling with all his might! LOL
Here's a close-up of the title. I colored a chipboard ring with various colors of craft ink, then added some felt Thickers, a Cricut "&" and rub-ons for the colobus monkey words. I used my brown journaling pen to outline the green felt letters for some definition. I used one larger eyelet and added linen thread around the top part of the layout and through the eyelet. At the very top of this picture you can see that I add some woven "paper" under the orangutan picture.

***Ok, now to other things...This is how I entertained myself Saturday tonight after cleaning house, doing laundry and running errands all day. I wish I had everything in my house as organized as my spooled ribbons! I had the loose strands of ribbon in each Rubbermaid container, but they ended up in a bunch and I couldn't really tell what I had. Now I can see everything, and it will be easy to grab a spool or two when creating projects.
I have one of those three-drawer plastic cabinets. These Rubbermaid containers fit inside the drawer perfectly! I turn them upside down so I can see at a glance which colors are in which container. I have various other loose ribbons coiled in stackable drawer organizers. Some ribbons are just too bulky to spool or I have several colors of one style grouped together. This type of thing is just organized bliss to me!

****Ok, one last thing. LOOK at these luscious strawberries! Yesterday, I found a quart of fresh-picked strawberries in our breezeway and was sure it was from our neighbor. Nope! It was from our friend Irvin. He brought over another quart tonight. I washed them and will later cut them when I make two fresh strawberry pies. Oh my...that is going to be yummy! They are hand-picked on an Amish farm nearby and he gets them for a great price! I have always loved this saying and it applies to things like this: "How beautiful a day can be when friendship touches it." How true indeed.

One last 80s tune. It isn't related to anything in this post. It is simply by my absolute fav band of the 80s....Duran Duran. are they great even after all these years! Macy and I went for a long walk after dark and I could hear this song playing at the high school stadium. Saturday was our local Relay for Life and they jam all night! Click HERE to listen to a great classic from them. Choose the first one on the list.

Have a blessed rest of the weekend! I'll be back later in the week...Thanks for stopping by.

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