Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Be Yourself

I decided a while ago that it was ok to scrapbook about myself. Not in a conceited way, but I realized it is just as important to scrapbook my personal life as well as about others I love. As the main "photographer" of a family, the scrapbooker usually appears the least in pictures. You know, somebody just might want to remember me as the nut I proudly confess to be...LOL So, with digital camera in hand, I hold it out and snap a few shots sometimes. Try it, it's truly ok to capture yourself in pages.

I have naturally curly hair. On this particular morning before work (notice the flowery scrub top) I decided to take a pic of my wacky 'do. Of course, one had to be a goofy face as usual. (Yes, I laugh at myself. I have to sometimes in order to deal with life.) LOL Thus, the two pics for this layout. The title explains it all! I am truly goofy most days and this one was no exception. I like...no, LOVE to have fun in life!!! *smile*

Here's a close-up of those delicious sheer white blossoms I just got the other day. Love that white sharpie for dots. I used glue dots to layer some shiny plastic flowers and a woven "laugh" circle to the centers. *click for a closer look* You'd probably never guess I was painfully shy as a little girl. It's true!

Remember, life is too short....HAVE FUN, Lots of Fun!

Thanks for stopping by...now go take a pic and do a scrapbook page about YOU!

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