Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ever meet someone who just touches your life in a special way? For me, one person is Bob. His real name is Andrew, but an inside joke with his brother means everyone calls him Bob. Bob worked at our practice the summer of '06 while on break from medical school. He is going to be a great doctor someday! He is so caring and so very brilliant!

I made this layout to commemorate the friendship we developed while working together. He has a great sense of humor! One time we collected misc. from around the office (aka unwanted or junk drawer items) and sent him a whole box of funny junk. LOL I guess you had to be there. I literally went around the office and asked people for stuff they no longer wanted. OH, but one nurse did add in some homemade cookies, so it wasn't all bad. He laughed!

I used vellum cardstock for the journaling box. The first part of the title was a pre-printed vellum quote that I cut down. I colored and sanded some misc. chipboard letters to spell Bob. I attached the silver grommets with my Crop-a-Dile II. I punched out some smaller circles from the striped paper and added them inside the smaller grommets. That helped add some color to the upper right corner.

Right now, we are all praying for Dr D who is in the pics with Bob. He has already endured one back surgery and one neck surgery. On Sunday he had yet another neck surgery due to a bone infection! The other docs and staff have really pulled together in his absense to ensure top-notch care for Dr D's patients. We are all hoping he can return to work, but he has a long road ahead. If you want, please say a little prayer for this dear man. I am blessed to work in a loving place where the doctors care as much for the staff as they do their own families!

Oh, yeah...the ice cream with Wanda was fabulous! Kevin ended up getting black cherry ice cream. Wanda had a hot fudge sundae and I had a sherbet/fruit sundae. Yum! :)
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