Saturday, June 28, 2008


Whew! What a day! Kevin and I worked outside for about three hours in the 80+ degree weather. We trimmed bushes and put in fresh mulch out front. We still have to finish the backyard beds, but we'll do a little bit each night this week when it's cooler. It was too stinkin' hot today. We finished just in time before the rain poured here about 3pm. When I got my shower, I literally said "thank you Lord" outloud about three times. It's the little things like fresh, cool showers on a hot summer day that make me grateful.

This afternoon I got a call from my friend Lisa who wondered if I'd help paint polka dots on her girls' ceiling fan blades. She and her husband are having a house built in the north part of the county and they're finishing up little details before the carpet is installed Monday. The girls each chose a shade of purple for their bedrooms and they wanted a fun "girly" look to their white ceiling fan blades. We could only do the first coat of paint on them as it is humid today and they don't have their a/c installed at the new house yet. I'll have to go back later this week to finish them and I'll share some pictures of how they turned out. It's "crafting" in a new home kind of way. LOL It's pretty exciting to see the girls giddy over something as simple as polka-dotted fan blades.

I left their house about 9pm tonight and to the northwest was the most beautiful "marbled" sky. I had to take a picture of course! This doesn't do it justice, but it's still nice, huh? Wow! God truly is the ULTIMATE artist!

Well, it's church and more weed pickin'/mulch spreading tomorrow....I'll try to share something crafty soon!

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Rhonda L said...

I love to work outside in my garden even when it is really hot-however as I take my cool shower I always say, "Thank you God for cool running water!" Sometimes the things we take for granted are really wonderful!!!