Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stuck on You

Top left: Okapi This animal is so unique! I had never seen one so was quite eager to read the details about it. I remember it is called a forest giraffe. It looks like a cross between a giraffe head, some velvety brown something and a zebra. It just walked in a big circle around it's area. It had worn a path in the grass and just followed it over and over. I can only imagine how soft it might be...
Top right: well, that's the first time I've ever seen a leopard asleep on a log. How cute is that?! I love how his tail gets whiter towards the tip. The pattern of his coat is gorgeous!
Bottom left: Red Panda He looked like an overgrown raccoon with some red fur. He was busy inside his little hut just scratching fleas I guess. He didn't come out to say hi. LOL
Bottom right: moose This lil' lady was in dire need of some deep hair conditioning. LOL She was most likely shedding her winter coat. Her hair was all goofy, but boy was she magnificent. She was pretty hungry and kept gnawing on that tree!

This layout is another "block" style with the pics touching and centered. I added the animal names with some mini letter stickers by Making Memories. Near the Discovery Reef I took a pic of this great quote by Einstein and decided to add it to this page since it was a mix of different animals and I couldn't really think of a good title. Ever wonder what the hazards are of scrappin'? Well, on Sunday afternoon I was creating this page and to be sure I had all the appropriate letters I just stuck them on my arm. I guess it was easier than pulling out my ruler and placing then along the edge. This isn't the first time I've used my arm for sticker placement. LOL Yes, I am goofy. No, I don't want intervention. I am perfectly happy being insane. LOL I just consider my arm another handy tool. When I put then on the edge of my table it never fails that I lean against them and smoosh them flat...oh my.

In honor of 80s music and some "themed scrappin' tunes" for this wacky sticker thing we gotta give a shout out to Lionel Ritchie for singing this awesome song....Stuck on You! Click HERE, go to fifth song then click on the play arrow for his version of Stuck on You. :) I kinda like these tunes to go with the bloggin' I intervention for me please. Just keep swayin' in your chair, now, ya hear! You'll be next....just wait. LOL

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