Friday, June 6, 2008

Elephants & Rhino

Another block style page...elephants & rhino. I started with a piece of 12x12 textured grey. It was just too "perfect" so I distressed it by tapping my open stamp pad on the surface over and over, periodically changing the direction of my hand. It made the perfect "elephant skin" look. The rest is the basic patterned cardstock, brads, photos and letter stickers kinds of goodies. I am really getting good mileage from those sheets of double-sided patterned paper I got at Archivers a few weekends ago. click for a closer look

Well, did you wonder which 80s song I'd come up with for my next post? When I think of elephants, I think of Africa....thus, the song Africa by Toto. Click HERE then choose the second song. It says the artist is Africa, too, but that's not accurate. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by...hope everyone has a great weekend. Supposed to be super hot here! Ugh!

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