Tuesday, June 3, 2008

from down under

Here's my page about those adorable koalas and those silly kangaroos. They were both in the Australia section of the zoo. The koalas were asleep in the tree and the kangaroos were total couch potatoes. They were just lounging with their belly towards the sky and rolling around. I finally got a picture of one standing up with his wee little arms. They just crack me up! I loved it when the one walked and I got to see how they truly use their tails as a "extra leg". Fascinating! Did you know when a baby 'roo (aka joey) is born it is only the size of a honey bee? I didn't either. Man, what a neat fact. Such a wee little 'roo!

I created the title with some felt Thickers letters. The two little felt astericks above the 'roo picture were outlined with my brown journaling pen to make them "pop". I did that trick on another page, too, which I'll share later. Remember...click for a closer look.

Today was a rainy day here. I had a good day at work then Kevin & I got 1/2 price burgers at Jake's. If you aren't from around here, you need to visit just for a Jake's burger. MmmmMmmm! OH and we even got dessert! Yum! My night was just great until I got in the freezer to get Kevin some ice cream (dessert #2...LOL) and got pegged in the foot with a pack of frozen hot dogs! My goodness, I never knew those things could hurt so bad! I'll check for a bruise in the morning. LOL Hey, flat hair, good burger and frozen hot dog torpedo just makes for another random, but blessed day! LOL

Thanks for stopping by, you animals....LOL I'll post more creatures later this week!

Just for kicks, click HERE then scroll down to the FIFTH song and click the little play arrow...it'll be a little mood music for this layout. LOL I love 80s music!!! You'll most likely be swaying in your chair by the time the song's done. LOL

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