Thursday, June 5, 2008


Ok, this is a really boring page. Why? For one, I can't stand reptiles. (I do like the Geico gecko, though. What is it with me and talking animals? Oh and I loved the movie Dr. Doolittle, too. LOL ) Secondly, I could barely stand to touch these pictures. EWWW! I simply trimmed the photos, arranged them "block" style and did a simple title and maybe two sentences of journaling which amounted to me explaining that Kevin wanted me to take these pictures and that these creatures give me the willies. I also added three shiny brads in the bottom right corner which I had sanded with my sanding block. The picture that the brads are on is a close-up of some lizard whose skin had awesome texture. That's about as excited as I got about those wiggly things!

If you've not shut down my blog by now after opening to pictures of wiggly gross reptiles, then click HERE for a little tune that goes along with this layout. Although I didn't scrap a pic of a chameleon, here's a song with that word in it! A chameleon is a reptile, too. Rock on 80s music!!
Feel free to get up while the song plays and dance like Boy George. You know you want's a pretty catchy tune. It will also help you forget the snakes above...I already have!

Now that the boring, gross layout has been posted, I'll get back to the good stuff later this week. EEK! Thanks for stopping by......sssssssssssssssssssssee you later!

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