Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Strawberry Bliss

On Sunday, it was a scorching 86 degrees here. I went to the store to get pie crusts, glaze and whipped topping so I could make the strawberry pies. I wish I could share a slice with each of you. When I was cutting the berries, Macy was at my feet whining for a bite. Well, when one toppled accidentally off the cutting board to the floor....she scarfed it up, then promptly spit it out. Too sour for a pooch! After that, she literally went and laid down. Enough of that stuff! LOL I managed to pop about four whole ones in my mouth. They are so sweet, sour and juicy all at the same time. I hope each of you keeps cool with a sweet treat such as blissful strawberry pie. Yum!
I made for us and one for my parents.
Now sure how the spatula ended up in my mouth
after I spread on the whipped topping....LOL
I literally licked both sides of it! LOL

Well, my on Earth did it end up there, too? LOL

I know, I'm a nerd! Yes, I am easily entertained.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh....sweet bliss!!!!!

Have a blessed week!
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Lisadwb said...

Strawberries- Yummo!!
Too funny about Macy. Lucy will only eat the berries we pick and place in the bowl. She walks through the plants all the time, but will not eat them unil we pick them. LOL
Oh, great zoo LOs. (I didn't look at the slithery one. *shudder* I can not even look at pictures of them! I can not even say that word!!)