Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Dad

Today is a special day. It's when we honor our dads. I have quite a special one. I remember silly songs he'd sing, teaching me to ride my bike without training wheels, the smell of printing ink on his hands after a long work day, his love of mowing and keeping things nice, waking up to fresh-made pancakes, endless advice, holding me tight when I had a broken heart, teaching me to drive, his stories about the birds or chipmunks in the yard, "How's my kid?", my toes/feet being shaped like his (seriously, but not as big! LOL), the pen always in his shirt pocket, his generosity, integrity and honesty, the love he shows my mom and our family....and on and on. I have always known I was loved. I am so very blessed to call him MINE. I love you dad!

I saw this really awesome wallet album idea HERE. I can't take any credit for the idea or measurements. I simply copied Jackie's idea and made it my own. Be sure to check out her blog. It is loaded with free tutorials for great projects, including this one. She is so generous with her ideas and information. I just wanted to share my version for dad. Sorry for the poor pics. I did it in a hurry.
This is the back view so you can see how the flap is attached. Also, when assembling the wallet layers, be sure when you bend the prongs on the brads that they lay in the crease/fold of the wallet. It will help it open and close smoothly. *click pics for a closer look*
I started with a picture of me and the words "your baby girl" stamped by my pic. On the opposite page I stamped the bird from the set Always and wrote a little bit about how I enjoy his stories about the birds, etc. He loves watching the birds. The center pages are pics of my sister and brother. The next to last page has a stamped quote. The last page has a handwritten message to him from me. It came together quite easily once I found the pics I wanted to use.

I made this card weeks ago. I work in a doctor's office and we give stickers to the kids. I found this one in the basket and had to have it. My dad's nickname is Brown Bear. I created this card and will give it to him along with a new pocket knife he wanted. The brown flower has a velvety texture that I thought resembled a bear's fur. The sentiment inside is from the Papertrey Ink set called Out on a Limb. It says: To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

Now this is blackmail material. It goes to show that my goofiness is truly genetic! LOL Oh and see the pen in the pocket? LOL Always there!! That orange thing is a baby carrot. At Thanksgiving we called him into the living room for family pics and this is seriously how he showed up. What a nut! Wouldn't have it any other way!

Happy Father's Day, sweet dad!

Love, Your Baby Girl

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