Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lion, Tiger and Bear...oh my!

When I was doing this page, I couldn't help but picture Dorothy in Wizard of Oz and her sidekicks chanting "lions and tigers and bears, oh my". It's just that my chant only refers to one of each animal (see title above). So, for kicks I put these three animals on the same page. It is amazing how a song can inspire a layout.

Are you shocked to see a page that deviates from my oh-so-popular "block" style. I did do several pages from the zoo in that style. It keeps the overall feel of the zoo pages cohesive, plus it's easy design-wise.

click for a closer peek at a couple tricks:
**use brown jouraling marker around light-colored sticker letters for "pop"
**extra copies of lion pic used for the spotlighting effect on the lion's face and the little paw pic at the bottom left corner as an embellishment
**show "direction" in design by alternating where the torn edge is....see tiger and bear pics
**inked edges and ink smudges for texture

I was in awe at these magnificent animals. The lion was sitting the same way my gentle little Macy does, yet how wonderfully wild it! The lion's mane and face were superb in person. The tiger was having a nap. I just loved his little...uh, I mean...big paws the way he/she was all relaxed and letting the paw pads show. Are tiger's feet cute or is it just me? Not that I want to get that close. The tiger was just so cute laying all relaxed and again...Macy-like. Yes, I love my dog! The bear was in dire need of a manicure! Wow! Can you imagine that thing crashing your picnic in the woods? Whoa! Not sure why, but the bear just kept pacing. I heard once that means the animal is bored or agitated. Anyone know?

Errands were done Friday night and Kevin's working Saturday. I'll just stay home Saturday and get the many needed things done for the weekend. I have a workshop next Saturday that I have to plan/prepare for so there will be some fresh stuff after next week. Thanks for coming back. I know I've posted a lot of zoo stuff. Even if you don't like animals, I hope you get at least a glimmer of inspiration from what I've shared.

Did you think I forgot? No's the 80s tune for this layout....Eye of the Tiger!! Click HERE to listen...rock on! Be sure to click the play arrow on the first song and enjoy!

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