Saturday, August 2, 2008

Whew! What a weekend!

It's now Saturday night and I feel like my head is a good way! After working all week, then enjoying a family dinner Friday night to celebrate my uncle Richard's birthday....I went to my niece's in Columbus for the night! The plan started taking place about 10:30pm Thursday. My niece (aka major has been preparing for a baby shower to honor Josh's sister Megan. She wanted my help with a frame that had the baby's name and an ultrasound picture. She took a pic of the supplies she purchased and I was going to give her an idea of how to finish the layout (she isn't a scrapper and doesn't really do crafty things). She also mentioned that she was wrapping personalized candy bars and making chocolate-covered pretzels. was Thursday and the shower is in Zanesville on Sunday. tick tock tick tock Mom called and asked if I'd like to go down with her and help Julie. Of course I said yes! I haven't really gotten to visit much with Julie since she lives in Columbus now. Since Kevin wasn't working Saturday and would be with Macy, then I decided to spend the night. He and Macy decided not to go as Kevin was so utterly exhausted from his work week. My nephew Charles joined us. We had a blast! By the way, Julie's spare bed had a feather mattress pad and feather pillows....oh, I felt like I was on a marshmallow all night! Luxury!!!!!!!!!! It is always so fun to visit and catch up. Here are few highlights:

Megan's colors are baby blue and chocolate brown. Here's the cute little personalized candy bars and the "baby boy Ayden" frame she can put in the nursery. That is a pic from her 21-week ultrasound. *click for a closer look* I worked on these and wrapped gifts while Julie and Mom dipped pretzels.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM...chocolate!!! All melted and ready for the pretzels! I didn't help with these. Mom and Julie were the pretzel crew! They did two with baby-themed sprinkles and one with drizzled blue chocolate *see below*. One of each kind was placed in a cellophane bag and closed with an "it's a boy" twist tie....cute!

All lined up and ready for bagging!!!! Yum! I got a few broken ones and they were yummy!

Charles and Josh weren't on the shower crew, but the Guitar Hero didn't get into all the girly preparations! LOL Charles (on the left) is actually a very good guitar player so he was great at the game!

Ah....the ride home today! Charles said "hey Nanny" and I turned around to see this face. He used to do this all the time when he was younger so I had to take a picture. All of us shared a lot of laughs this weekend!

Now that I am home (I was happily greeted by Kevin and Macy) it's back to laundry, cooking, groceries, bills, etc. LOL I am joyfully exhausted tonight, but I still have lots of weekend blessings to look forward to tomorrow.

I will prepare my posts for the next few days tomorrow to try and catch up on blogging. Thanks for stopping by...

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