Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Trails

Kevin and I had a nice birthday dinner at Jake's here in Ashland. That place has the best food in town! Then, we went home to get Pooch and headed to Mohican State Park. We walked on the trail near the Covered Bridge (where we were engaged!). Oh and the night ended with that banana split! LOL

Macy and Daddy

There are markers like this on both sides of certain trees to help keep you on the right path.

Snoopy Sniffer She was hot on the trail of squirrel #85, 691. LOL

Poison Ivy, right? I am no plant expert, but I think that's the enemy!! Lisa tells me this is Poison OAK...see, it's a good thing I don't touch odd woodsy plants. LOL

Unidentified plant with a unique shape. I don't touch anything for fear of welts appearing on my skin. I am so not an outdoorsy gal. LOL Lisa says this is Poplar. Her husband is an agronomist so he knows his plants, trees and weeds well. :)

Resting in the back seat after her exciting outing. She would go from this position to full face out the window sniffing the air and getting cooled off. She's a hoot!

Identify this for the jackpot prize. Ok, no clue, but there were tons of these cobweb-like things in the trees. Any clue? They were just interesting to me. And, Lisa says this is a moth cocoon and they aren't too friendly to the trees.

A picture I took by looking up towards the sky while in the middle of the trail. Some trees are so tall. Love it!

Looking up river from the walkway on the covered bridge.

On the river bank while on the trail. Every now and then we'd hear "blooooop" and see the rings where a fish jumped. It was so peaceful, then we'd hear that goofy sound. Funny fish.

Ladies and's banana split time. Kevin had already changed into his t-shirt before I got the lid off the banana split. Now he's watching Jurassic Park on tv. He said he had a good day.

Two hilarious things from today: 1) The card to Kevin from my brother said Son-in-Law instead of Brother-in-Law. What was he thinking? LOL 2) As we were driving back, I was looking to the side of the road at the fields, houses, etc. We were coming up to a field of cows and this was the conversation:

N: "oh, hon...look! It's a baby one. It's so cute!!!! *sigh*"

K: "uh, that's a goat."

N: "LOL What? LOL I thought it was a calf! LOL"

K: "Well, it's ears are too big for a calf. I thought I better say something 'cause it's a goat."

N: "Well, I am such a country girl. I know my animals...NOT! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL"

I am not a plant indentifier nor a farm animal expert obviously. LOL At least I have fun! LOL OH, and yes I know what a goat looks like. It was just that with it's head down in a cow field I thought it was a calf. LOL


Lisadwb said...
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Lisadwb said...

You are so funny!! That is Poison OAK. (Leaves of three, let it be. Poison Ivy has a more oval leaf.)
Poplar leaf is next.
And that is a moth cocoon. They can be pretty hard on the poor tree. (See, I told you it pays to be married to a weed man. LOL)
I hope Kevin had a wonderful B-day!!
Did Miss Macy get any ice cream?? (Poor Lucy is Lactose Intolerant- just like me!! LOL)

**Edited my post to make sense**