Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy 100th Birthday!

A patient of our medical practice turns 100 today! That is amazing! I made this card and everyone in the practice signed it. He should have received it earlier this week. I used an old favorite SU! set called Papa's Pocket. The "Happy 100th" was done using the Papertrey Ink set called Simple Alphabet.

I've noticed lately that my pictures on here just look so dark and blah. I promise...I'll try to figure out how to get it right soon. You can click for a closer look, but I know it's still dark.

Update on Kristie: She had her brain tumor removal surgery on Friday. They were able to successfully remove most of the tumor, except for a part of it around a major artery. They hope the remaining part of the tumor will die off on its own. She will be on high-dose steroids and anti-seizure meds for a while. A follow-up MRI is planned for today or Monday and she may get to come home Tuesday. The family has asked for prayer for quick healing. Her previous radiation treatments may slow the healing process of this surgery. I pray that this surgery has given her a chance at a much longer life. I'll post another update as I hear news. Thanks for all who have been praying for this dear lady.

Update on Wanda: I have checked in with Wanda for the last few days. She actually went to Columbus with her daughter and granddaughter Friday as planned. I am amazed as she looks like she just fought a Mack truck! I am calmer now that a few days have passed. The neighbor behind her came over Thursday with a dozen yellow roses and her little boys drew get well pictures. So cute! It's odd how we both met the new neighbors, but perhaps it's a start of a nice friendship. Cara has already shown so much compassion in this situation and was so understanding and concerned when Wanda fell. I think these new neighbors are a blessing.

On Saturday, I hope to finish some cards I started making Friday night. I also want to get my entries in for the county fair scrapbook page contest. I have never entered the fair, so it seems like something new and fun to try this year. The only is the deadline and I have to get things decided. I will use some of my fav pages I've created this year. I can have a total of three pages entered. It's now 12:35am (Saturday morning) so I better get a good night's sleep and get up early to get my day rollin'. Thanks for stopping by...

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