Monday, August 25, 2008


I made this page about Macy last week. I was up one night until about 12:30am just creating away! Every now and then I get that burst of creative energy...even on a work night! LOL

You can click the picture to see the details:
  • heat embossed title on vellum cardstock, edges ruffled a bit
  • "file folder" for journaling box
  • notebook edge punch on photo, dog bone clip with ribbon added
  • funny dog-related words along left edge of layout
  • stamped paws on bottom edge of layout
  • dog definition sticker on upper right corner ( love the part about fur with a tongue!)

I had seen an idea somewhere of a layout that depicted a "crime investigation". I thought it might be funny for this picture of Macy. She had ignored this new stuffed toy for a long time, then one day she just bit him and kept tearing at his ears, chest, etc. I have a video of it on my camera and Kevin and I were dying laughing. It was so funny how she would whack her head back and forth with her eyes closed as if she were trying to knock the stuffing out of him. Guess you had to be there...He's still around and she is ignoring him once again. Goofy dog!

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