Thursday, August 7, 2008

Simply Scrappin' Card

I used the Just 4 You Simply Scrappin' Kit to make this card. It is already in the envelope to be sent to my dear friend Karin. You can't really tell, but the tiny yellow circles spell the word friend. *click for a closer look* You'll then be able to see that the butterfly border and the small blue scalloped strip are on the edge of the card front flap. It opens at that point. You wanna know a funny? Well, I had what looked like a full sheet of chocolate chip cardstock on my craft table so I just grabbed it for this card. I put the cardstock in my cutter, sliced it at 4 1/4" for the width, then took that same piece, flipped it in the cutter and scored it at 5 1/2" so it would fold in half. So that's right, huh? haha Uh, no....when my card was folded it had a "short side". LOL Well, I guess it wasn't a full sheet of cardstock to begin with, huh? Thus, my card has a shorter front flap. I love happy accidents! Yeah, yeah...*wink* I did it on purpose...NOT! It still worked out which is what is so hilarious.

I added some patterned paper, one sticker and some words to complete the inside. I simply put "I love you-Natalie" after the stamped greeting inside. It will totally get the point across when Karin opens it. She has been my friend since high school and now lives 6 hours away. I hope this card is the best mail she gets all week!

Starting this week, I will have Wednesday afternoons off. This Wednesday was very productive here at home: two loads of laundry (put away), dishwasher unloaded and loaded, main floor vacuumed, bathroom scrubbed/cleaned, errands, hot dinner on table when Kevin got home (!), and even time to sit outside with Macy and read the newspaper. I can get really used to this extra time for much-needed catching up. Now, some Wednesdays will be all play, but today was all about the chores. Hmm...maybe next week I'll do the weeds in the flowerbed by the garage....or not. Perhaps I'll stamp...or not. It's kinda nice that I can "do what I want" for one half day. Yeah, Wednesdays! *doing the happy dance*

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