Monday, August 18, 2008

Sympathy Cards for Work

The medical practice where I work is pretty special. The physicians and staff are such a heartfelt group. One of the neat things they do is send a sympathy card to the family of a patient who passes away. Last year they started making hand-stamped sympathy cards to send instead of the generic boxed kind you get at the drug store. Each person in our office signs the cards, which makes it that much more special. The supply was just depleted and I volunteered to make more cards for the office. I kept them simple and not very dimensional so I could create several easily. I had to scurry to finish these Monday night since unfortunately we lost another patient this weekend. I had started them Friday night when I got together with my mom, but after a stressful week I had no mojo and got very little done. These cards represent a sad occasion, but if the families know with this simple gesture that we truly's well worth it. (All supplies SU!)

I know, I know...this pic is dark. I have "figure out lighting for best pics" on my mental to-do list. Even with my new "runway" lights in the basement, I am still getting dark pics. I'll have to consult my camera manual about settings, I guess. Or, just take all my pics outside on a sunny day. LOL

Thanks for stopping by...I'll be back either tomorrow or Wednesday.

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